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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rochester NY Offers Grants to High Tech Businesses

Rochester Department of Neighborhood and Business DevelopmentThe city of Rochester, New York, supports local businesses by offering grants up to $30,000 and low-interest loans up to $250,000. The financial assistance is offered to grow more businesses in the downtown area as well as businesses in the high technology and industrial fields. All programs are offered through the Rochester Department of Neighborhood and Business Development.

For businesses moving into or re-locating to Rochester, the city has a Building Renovation Matching Grant Program that offers 50/50 matching grants of up to $30,000. The grant money can be used for interior and exterior building improvements as well as improvements to security systems.

The Pre-Development Matching Grant Program offers matching grants up to $25,000 for businesses engaged in developing industrial and commercial projects. The money may be used for building and environmental studies as part of the pre-building planning process.

For businesses locating in downtown Rochester, the Main Street Assistance Program provides 50/50 matching grants up to $30,000 and low-interest loans up to $250,000. The money can be used for acquiring business property and property improvements both interior and exterior, fixtures and furniture, and working capital.

Small businesses moving into Rochester should look into the Targeted Business Assistance Program. This program has 50/50 matching grants up to $10,000 and low-interest loans up to $150,000. Funds may be used by small businesses to buy equipment, fixtures, furniture, and necessary renovations, among other costs.

These programs and more are available to businesses who meet the qualifications and whose projects will result in either job retention or increasing jobs in Rochester.

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